Academic Club

The Academic Club was opened near the snack bar in Dejvice. Modest equipment will be added, including a bookshelf with newspapers and magazines (an exchange library with books in the basement portion of the of the study room under the FELcafé), and other equipment. The club will be open during the day, and is not intended as a place for storing luggage or clothing.


A study room, with the option of purchasing refreshments, is located on the ground floor of the D2 block (the former library).

Children’s Corner

A children's play area which is designated for students and employees of CTU who are parents. The play area may be used by children aged 0-6 years under the supervision of parents.

Study Room at Charles’ Square

List of classrooms to be used by students outside the planned schedule


A lounge for commuters is available in room A4-301, please lock after leaving.