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AD0M13KTM Construction and Technology of Microcomputers
Roles:V Extent of teaching:14KP+6KL
Department:13113 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:5
Tutors:  Semester:Z


Microcomputers for control of technological systems, architecture, timing, instructions, basic parts, embedded microprocessors, input/output. Supplementary circuits. Control of technological systems. Microprocessor development system, design of microcomputer and application. Industrial standards. Design of microcomputers - modular and built-in systems, industrial PC. SCADA systems.

Study targets:

Students orientate in field of enviroment influence to design of industrial microcomputers and other electronic equipments. Students obtain overview of technologies having influence into regular operation and reliability of electronic apparatusů e.g. contacting, coveraging, design of PCB, supply and backup included technologies for interaction with operators.

Course outlines:

1. Construction of microcomputers, working environment
2. Power supply, uninterruptible power sources
3. Printed circuits, devices, assembling
4. Interconnection, wires, cables, optical cables
5. Supplementary equipment, storage
6. HDD, FDD, CD, overview of technologies, trends
7. Man-machine interface
8. Input devices
9. Output devices10.Interface for technological process control
11. Protection against environment influence
12. Reliability. Quality management, ISO 9000
13. Checking and testing HW and SW
14. SW for industrial application. Quality of SW

Exercises outline:

1. Organization and safety instruction. Individual works
2. Parameters of computer supply measurement, EMC
3. Measurement on UPS
4. Printed circuits
5. Connectors
6. Accumulators
7. Protection against ESD
8. Industrial microcomputer, construction, cooling
9. Storage media
10. Printing technology
11. Evaluation of printing quality, monitors measurement
12. Presentation of individual works - part 1
13. Presentation of individual works - part 2
14. A credit


1. Minasi, M. IBM PC - The big book of Hardware, Inc. New York: Cybex. 1993


A student has to obtain a credit before an examination


Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MKEEM1 Technological Systems V
MKEEM5 Economy and Management of Electrical Engineering V
MKEEM4 Economy and Management of Power Engineering V
MKEEM3 Electrical Power Engineering V
MKEEM2 Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives V
MKKME1 Wireless Communication V
MKKME5 Systems of Communication V
MKKME4 Networks of Electronic Communication V
MKKME3 Electronics V
MKKME2 Multimedia Technology V
MKOI1 Artificial Intelligence V
MKOI5 Software Engineering V
MKOI4 Computer Graphics and Interaction V
MKOI3 Computer Vision and Image Processing V
MKOI2 Computer Engineering V
MKKYR4 Aerospace Systems V
MKKYR1 Robotics V
MKKYR3 Systems and Control V
MKKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V

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