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AD4B99RPH Solving problems and other games Extent of teaching:7KP+9KC
Guarantors:  Roles:P,V Language of
Teachers:  Completion:KZ
Responsible Department:13133 Credits:6 Semester:Z


The main motivation is to let students to deal with real-world problems properly. When working in teams on real problems the student shall learn how to decompose the big problem, how to define interfaces, how to test and validate individual steps and so on. Many problems will actually be beyond the first-year-student skills. And many problem will not be solved in the optimal way. The unsolved parts should motivate the students to study difficult theoretical subjects. They should generate the important questions. Ideally, at the end of the subject, the student should be eager to study deeper about informatics.

Study targets:

The main motivation is to let students to deal with real-world problems properly which includes Thinking about problem, its decomposition, testing, verification, evaluation.

Course outlines:

1. Motivation lecture about selected problems in computer science and
artificial intelligence.
2. motivation lecture about selected problems in computer science and
artificial intelligence.
3. Essentials of engineering work. Problem decomposition, testing,
4. Bibliographic resources, finding relevant previous work, how to
avoid plagiarism.
5. Project organization, planning, lifecycle.
6. Project documentation and presentation
7. Team work, software for versioning, collaborative work.

Exercises outline:

An incomplete list of possible tasks. Spam filter. How to represent frequency of bad words. Plagiarism detection in text documents. Similar task as the spam filter. Zip code optical character recognition. Finding the optimal path for a mobile robot through the labyrinth. Traffic light switching for the maximally fluent traffic in urban areas. Organization of multimedia data. How to organize them automatically, ideally according to the content. Software for checking conference deadlines. Call for papers are coming by email. How to transfer the content into a structured www page.


Will be provided individually depending on the selected task.




Problem solving, problem decomposition, testing, programming, Python, Java.

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BKEEM1 Applied Electrical Engineering V 1
BKEEM_BO Common courses V 1
BKEEM2 Electrical Engineering and Management V 1
BKOI1 Computer Systems P 1
BKOI_BO Common courses P 1
BKOI3 Software Systems P 1
BKOI2 Computer and Information Science P 1
BKKYR1 Robotics V 1
BKKYR_BO Common courses V 1
BKKYR3 Systems and Control V 1
BKKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V 1
BKKME1 Communication Technology V 1
BKKME_BO Common courses V 1
BKKME4 Network and Information Technology V 1
BKKME3 Applied Electronics V 1
BKKME2 Multimedia Technology V 1
BIS(ECTS)-D Intelligent Systems V 1
BKSTMWM Web and Multimedia V 1
BKSTMSI Software Engineering V 1
BKSTMMI Manager Informatics V 1
BKSTMIS Intelligent Systems V 1
BKSTM_BO Common courses V 1
BSI(ECTS)-D Software Engineering V 1
BWM(ECTS)-D Web and Multimedia V 1
BMI(ECTS)-D Manager Informatics V 1

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