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A0M38MET Metrology
Roles:V Extent of teaching:2+2L
Department:13138 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:5
Tutors:  Semester:Z


After a brief description of the role of the most important domestic and foreign metrological organizations and institutions, explanation is focused on units of measurable quantities and possibilities of their definition, realization, conservation and reproduction by means of measurement standards. After that, attention is paid to measurement methods and techniques for evaluating and increasing measurement accuracy. Facilities and methods applicable to precision measurements of both active and passive electrical quantities are described.

Course outlines:

1. Introduction. Physical quantities and their units. International system of units (SI).
2. Standards of electrical quantities. Quantum standards of voltage and resistance.
3. Thompson-Lampards capacitance standard. Transfer and collective standards.
4. Measurement methods.
5. Errors of direct measurements. Systematic and random errors. Allan variance.
6. Errors of indirect measurements, law of error propagation.
7. Measurement uncertainties. Law of propagation of uncertainty.
8. Evaluation of uncertainties by using a Monte Carlo method.
9. Inductive ratio devices and optimization of their metrological parameters.
10. Measurement of current. Current balance, electronic kilogram.
11. Potentiometers. Measurement of voltage and power in audiofrequency range.
12. Measurement of active electrical quantities with nonsinusoidal waveforms.
13. Bridges for measuring resistance and capacitance. Coaxial bridges.

Exercises outline:

1. Introductory exercise. Directives for metrological tests of measuring devices.
2. Calibration of digital voltmeters.
3. Calibration of resistance boxes.
4. Investigation of influence of the shield potential on parameters of capacitance standards.
5. Characterization of standards of self- and mutual inductance.
6. Thermoelectric transfer standard.
7. Collective standard of voltage.
8. Thompson-Lampards capacitance standard.
9. Application of Hamon transfer standards to precision measurement of voltage ratios.
10. Calibration of inductive voltage dividers.
11. Measurement uncertainties (examples of calculation).
12. Visit to the Czech Metrology Institute.
13. Discussion, assessment.


[1] Boháček, J.: Metrology. Publishing House of CTU, 2013.
[2] Rabinovich, S. G.: Measurement Errors and Uncertainties: Theory and Practice. Springer, 2005.
[3] Evaluation of Measurement Data - Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement. Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology, 2008,
[4] Evaluation of Measurement Data - Supplement 1 to the " Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement" - Propagation of Distributions Using a Monte Carlo Method. Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology, 2008,


Doporučení: absolv. předmětu A2M01PMS


Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MPBIO1 Biomedical Informatics V
MPBIO2 Biomedical Engineering V
MPIB Common courses V
MPKME1 Wireless Communication V
MPKME5 Systems of Communication V
MPKME4 Networks of Electronic Communication V
MPKME3 Electronics V
MPKME2 Multimedia Technology V
MPEEM1 Technological Systems V
MPEEM5 Economy and Management of Electrical Engineering V
MPEEM4 Economy and Management of Power Engineering V
MPEEM3 Electrical Power Engineering V
MPEEM2 Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives V
MPKYR4 Aerospace Systems V
MPKYR1 Robotics V
MPKYR3 Systems and Control V
MPKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V

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