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A0B03TVKL Physical Education Course
Roles:V Extent of teaching:7dní
Department:13000 Language of teaching:CS
Guarantors:  Completion:Z
Lecturers:  Credits:1
Tutors:  Semester:L


In the bachelor stage of study the student has to undergo one of P.E. courses (winter or summer course). These courses are aimed at improving exercise skills. The summer course - games course - focuses on improving the knowledge and skills on multigame level - courses of hiking, cycling, canoeing and combined courses - special courses - swimming, windsurfing

Course outlines:

Exercises outline:



Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BEKYR1 Robotics V
BEOES Open Electronic Systems V
BEOI_BO Common courses V
BEKYR_BO Common courses V
BEKME_BO Common courses V
BEEEM_BO Common courses V
BEOI3 Software Systems V
BEOI2 Computer and Information Science V
BEOI1 Computer Systems V
BEKME3 Applied Electronics V
BEKME2 Multimedia Technology V
BEKME1 Communication Technology V
BEEEM2 Electrical Engineering and Management V
BEEEM1 Applied Electrical Engineering V
BEKYR3 Systems and Control V
BEKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V
BPSTM_BO Common courses V
BPSTMWM Web and Multimedia V
BPSTMSI Software Engineering V
BPSTMMI Manager Informatics V
BPSTMIS Intelligent Systems V
BMI(ECTS) Manager Informatics V
BWM(ECTS) Web and Multimedia V
BIS(ECTS) Intelligent Systems V
BSI(ECTS) Software Engineering V

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