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BE0M15DSE Dynamics and Reliability of Electrical Power Systems
Roles:  Extent of teaching:2+2s
Department:13115 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:Feizifar B. Credits:5
Tutors:Feizifar B. Semester:Z


The course introduces electric power systems elements modelling for the purposes of dynamic and transient events simulations. There are explained phenomena concerning system quantities control, system operation stability and extraordinary states in ES. Students get also knowledge about grids reliability and maintenance.

Course outlines:

1. ES elements modelling
2. System modelling
3. States and parameters estimation
4. Basic control algorithms in ES
5. P-f dynamics and control
6. Q-U dynamics and control
7. Load prediction and Unit commitment
8. System stability
9. WAMPaC systems
10. System automatics and protections
11. Emergency states and their solution, emergency electricity supply
12. Reliability of elements in electric power systems
13. System reliability and maintenance
14. Reserve

Exercises outline:


Tůma, J. a kol.: Security, quality and reliability of electrical energy. Praha, 2007, ISBN 978-80-239-9056-0. Machowski, J., Bialek, J.W., Rumby, J.R.: Power system dynamics. Wiley, 2008, ISBN 978-0-470-72558-0.


Condition for obtaining assessment is participation in seminars and semester thesis elaboration. Passing the exam is given by the Study and Examination Code for Students of the Czech Technical University in Prague.


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