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AE2M34LPD Low Power Design and Test of Circuits and Systems
Roles:V Extent of teaching:3P+2C
Department:13134 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:5
Tutors:  Semester:L


This course covers advanced VLSI design and test techniques for low power circuits. Topics covered include aspects of the design of low voltage and low power circuits including process technology, device modeling, CMOS circuit design, memory circuits and subsystem design. Course also covers aspects of testing and reliability of low power circuits and systems. Various types of defects observed in practical designs will be discussed. Focus will be also on on- and off-chip techniques for defect detection, failure analysis and diagnosis. This will be a research- oriented course based on team projects.

Course outlines:

1. Low-Power VLSI Design: An Overview
2. Low-Voltage Process Technology
3. Low-Voltage Device Modeling
4. Low-Voltage Low-Power VLSI CMOS Circuit Design
5. Low-Power Memory Circuits
6. Low-Power VLSI CMOS Subsystem Design
7. Low-Power VLSI Design Methodology
8. Low-Power Testing and Design for Reliability and Yield
9. Class presentations
10. Class presentations
11. Class presentations
12. Class presentations
13. Class presentations

Exercises outline:

1.-13.  Student project


[1] A. Bellaouar and M. I. Elmasry, Low-Power Digital VLSI Design : Circuits and Systems
[2] Pedram, Rabaey Low-Power Methodology
[3] Sanches-Sinencio, Andreou Low-Voltage Low-Power Integrated Circuits and Systems
[4] Published articles from IEEE Conferences and Journals


Four assignments will be given out. Your solutions will be graded. Grading Scheme: Assignments40% Midterm20% Project40%


Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MPKME1 Wireless Communication V
MPKME5 Systems of Communication V
MPKME4 Networks of Electronic Communication V
MPKME3 Electronics V
MPKME2 Multimedia Technology V

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