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BE1M16LOG Business Logistics
Roles:  Extent of teaching:2P+2S
Department:13116 Language of teaching:EN
Guarantors:  Completion:Z,ZK
Lecturers:  Credits:5
Tutors:  Semester:Z


Logistics as an integrated system in the structure of business management. Logistics as a part of business strategy. Fundamentals of modern concepts and approaches in logistics. Management, cooperation in supply chain logistics, integrated control systems. Methods applied to flow control and evaluation of elementary parameters of logistics. Logistics market. Logistics integration including its legal, ecological and economical aspects.

Course outlines:

1. Concepts of logistics and its evolution.
2. Material flow management.
3. Elements of logistics system, supply chain, logistics connections.
4. Customer services.
5. Logistics costs.
6. Transportation systems.
7. Logistics technologies.
8. Logistics functions and objectives.
9. Active elements in logistics systems.
10. Passive elements in logistics systems.
11. Information flow in supply chain logistics.
12. E-commerce.
13. Modern trends in logistics.
14. Planning, implementation and evaluation of logistics projects.

Exercises outline:

1. Objectives and concepts of logistics.
2. Logistical chains.
3. Organization of logistics in business.
4. Integration of material flow.
5. Selection of transportation systems.
6. Selection of warehousing and sales system.
7. Indexes of economical valuation.
8. Forms of E-business.
9. E-business.
10. Application of B2C.
11. Application of B2B.
12. Efficiency of E-business.
13. New directions, practises CASE.
14. CRM Textures.


1. Bowersox, D. J., Closs, D. J., Helferich, O. K.: Logistical Management,. McGraw-Hill 1996
2. Donald J. Bowerson, David J. Closs: Logistical Management - The integrated Supply Chain Process, McGraw-Hill,2005
3. Edward Frazelle: Supply Chain Strategy, McGraw Hill, 2007



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