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BE3M38VIN Virtual Instrumentation Extent of teaching:2P+2L
Guarantors:Platil A. Roles:  Language of
Teachers:Platil A. Completion:Z,ZK
Responsible Department:13138 Credits:6 Semester:L


The course deals with modern measuring instruments, virtual instruments (VI) a data acquisition systems (DAQ). It presents instruments and systems for measurement in laboratory and industrial environment, selected methods of measurement and standards for programing VI and DAQ systems.

Course outlines:

1. Architecture of measuring instruments and data acquisition systems.
2. Testing A/D converters. Processing of digitized signals in time and frequency domain.
3. Digitizers and multifunction data acquisition modules, oscilloscopes.
4. Input circuits of measuring instruments. Noise and its suppression.
5. Standards for programming data acquisition systems (IEEE488.2, SCPI, VPnP, VISA, IVI, PXI, LXI, AXIe).
6. Development environments for programming virtual instruments (C/C++, LabVIEW, VEE, Matlab/Simulink). Virtual instruments for RTOS (RTX, LV/LW Real Time).
7. Integration of VI into computer network. API for communication protocols in OS Unix and Windows.
8. Synchronization and measurement. Synchronization in large and distributed systems. The NTP and PTP protocols.
9. Generators of analog, digital and special signals.
10. Spectrum and vector analyzer, pronciple, realization, use.
11. Coherent detection, synchronous detectors. Vectorvoltmeters, impedance analyzers.
12. Measurement of electric power and consumption. Electronic loads, power analyzers.
13. Etalons of electrical quantities. Quantum Hall effect.
14. Etalons of time.

Exercises outline:

Labs in the first part deal with software development tools, in the second part students work on a dedicated assignment of selected topic from programming of DAQ systems. Part of the labs shall be a project finished with presentation and short report. The assessment requires defense of the project.


[1] R. B. Northop, Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements, CRC Press 2014.


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