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BE3M38SPD Data Acquisition and Transfer Extent of teaching:2P+2L
Guarantors:Šmíd R. Roles:PO,PV Language of
Teachers:Šmíd R., Včelák J. Completion:Z,ZK
Responsible Department:13138 Credits:6 Semester:Z


The aim of the course is to acquaint students with principles and limits of data transmission from sensors and similar sources of information for IoT and M2M, wireless sensor networks and specific algorithms, respecting the limiting conditions of their function. The basic algorithms of distributed information processing in sensor networks, as well as technology for energy harvesting for powering the wireless nodes of the network, will be studied.

Course outlines:

1. Introduction, motivation, goals
2. Ad hoc & sensor networks, commonalities and differences, limitations
3. Communication channel, data transfers, physical media, wireless signal transmission
4. Modulation techniques in wireless systems, network topologies, medium access control
5. Spread Spectrum, Internet of Things, UNB
6. LoRa, IQRF, BLE
7. LoRaWAN
8. Routing protocols, localization in WSN
9. NB-IoT
10. Energy harvesting - piezoelectric, electromagnetic
11. Energy harvesting - TEG, Electrostatic, Solar, RF Soubor
12. Specialized power supplies, converters
13. Low power techniques
14. reserved

Exercises outline:

During the labs, a project will be solved focused on the technical and program implementation of the equipment for collecting data from the sensors or the wireless network node, and their integration into the data acquisition system. For individual project work, development kits are available for students for work at home. The lab should then concentrate on solving problems with the use of specially available measurement instruments. The course of work and its documentation will be evaluated during the semester.


[1] Hu, F., Cao, X.: Wireless Sensor Networks, Auerbach Publications 2010
[2] Priya, S., Inman, D.J.: Energy Harvesting Technologies, Springer 2010


knowledge of microcontroller programming

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MEKYR5_2016 Cybernetics and Robotics PV 3
MEKYR2_2016 Sensors and Instrumentation PO 3
MEKYR1_2016 Robotics PV 3
MEKYR4_2016 Aerospace Systems PV 3
MEKYR3_2016 Systems and Control PV 3

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