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BE4M39PTV Spatial Design Extent of teaching:2P+2S
Guarantors:Karel M., Šafařík J. Roles:PO Language of
Teachers:Karel M., Šafařík J. Completion:Z,ZK
Responsible Department:13139 Credits:6 Semester:L



Course aim is to evoke interest in shape, material and its spatial characteristic with help of sophisticated spatial tasks and studies. It is not intended to educate a sculptor or designer. Another aspect is to turn students' attention from restricted form of flat computer screens towards free real space and let them by means of basic techniques like drawing and modeling to create spontaneously. Students will be confronted with basic composition and form creation principles of Gestalt psychology. Student will verify knowledge gained by means of sophisticated composition tasks. This course will take place in the sculptural and design workshop of Faculty of Architecture.

Course outlines:

Course is divided into following phases:
1. Introduction to spatial design, concept of design studio AK and content of the course.
2. Assignment of 1st exercise. Introduction of basic terms and principles of Gestalt psychology.
3. Assignment of 2nd exercise. Practical experiments inspired by selected Gestalt laws.
4. Assignment of 3rd exercise. Application of form creation principles of Gestalt psychology (format, frame, border).
5. Possibility to elaborate on individual projects related to semester projects of DCGI FEL by means of interdisciplinary cooperation between FEL and FA.

Exercises outline:


1. Josef Hlaváček : Kompozice podle Rudolfa Arnheima ISBN: 8086039323 (brož) : bc
2. Gyorgy Kepes, S. Giedion, S. I. Hayakawa : Language of Vision : Courier Corporation, 1995 Počet stran: 228
3. Kulka Jiří: Psychologie umění ISBN: 9788024723297


Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MEOI1_2018 Human-Computer Interaction PO 2
MEOI1_2016 Human-Computer Interaction PO 2

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