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BD1M16OVY Operations Research Extent of teaching:14KP+6KS
Guarantors:Knápek J. Roles:PZ,P Language of
Teachers:Knápek J., Šafránek J. Completion:Z,ZK
Responsible Department:13116 Credits:5 Semester:L


Art of modeling and elements of decision models, Linear programming, Transportation problem, Integer linear programming, Introduction to graphs theory, Nonlinear programming, Dynamic programming, Monte Carlo simulation, Project management (CPM, PERT).

Course outlines:

1. Operations research overview
2. Fundamental of operation modeling and models in management
3. Linear programming - introduction, graphic solution
4. Linear programming - simplex method
5. Linear programming - dual tasks
6. Linear programming - sensitivity and parametric analysis
7. Transportation problem - applications, methods of solution
8. Integer linear programming
9. Graph theory - overview
10. Graph theory - optimization tasks
11. Project management - CPM and PERT methods
12. Project management - analysis of resources and cost
13. Simulation models, Monte Carlo method
14. Random numbers generators

Exercises outline:

1. Operations research introduction
2. Graphical solution of linear programming tasks
3. Simplex method
4. Dual problem solution
5. Practical application of linear programming, software support
6. Transportation problem
7. Branch and bound method
8. Tasks on graphs
9. Graph optimization methods
10. Project management - CPM
11. Project management - PERT, resource analysis
12. Random numbers generation, Monte Carlo simulation
13. Test
14. Reserve, assessment


1. Taha, H.A. Operations research - An Introduction. Prentice Hall 2006
2. Hillier, Lieberman: Introduction to operations research. McGraw-Hill 2005




Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
MKEEM4_2016 Economy and Management of Power Engineering P 2
MKEEM5_2016 Economy and Management of Electrical Engineering P 2
MKEEM4_2018 Management of Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering PZ 2

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