Group of Subjects - BOESP - Compulsory subjects of the programme

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Group: Compulsory subjects of the programme
Min. credits: 73   Max. credits: 73   Min. subjects: 12 Role: P - Compulsory Subjects of the Programme
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
A8B01DMG Discrete Math.& Graphs 3P+1S CS Z,ZK Z 1 5 Demlová M. Demlová M. 13101
A8B01LAG Linear Algebra 4P+2S CS Z,ZK Z 1 7   Pták P. 13101
A8B01MC1 Mathematics-Calculus1 4P+2S CS Z,ZK Z 1 7 Tkadlec J. Tkadlec J. 13101
A8B14ADP Algorithm Development and Programming 2P+2C CS Z,ZK Z 1 5   Havlíček R., Zděnek J. 13114
A8B01DEN Differential Equations&Numerical Methods 4P+2C CS Z,ZK L 2 7 Habala P. Habala P. 13101
A8B01MCM Mathematics-Calculus m-D 4P+2S CS Z,ZK L 2 7 Tišer J. Hájek P., Tišer J. 13101
A8B02PH1 Physics 1 4+2L CS Z,ZK L 2 7 Koller J. Koller J., Koníček P., Kulhánek P. 13102
A8B01MCT Mathematics-Complex Variable and Integral Transforms 4P+2S CS Z,ZK Z 3 7 Hamhalter J. Hamhalter J. 13101
A8B01PSI Probability, Statistics and Information Theory 4P+2S CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Navara M. Navara M. 13101
A8B02PH2 Physics 2 4+2L CS Z,ZK Z 3 7 Koller J. Bednařík M., Koller J., Koníček P., Kulhánek P. 13102
A8B01AMA Advanced Matrix Analysis 3P+1S CS Z,ZK L 4 4 Pták P. Pták P. 13101
A8B01OGT Optimization and Game Theory 3P+1S CS Z,ZK L 4 4 Bohata M. Bohata M. 13101

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