Group of Subjects - 2015_MEEMEP1 - Compulsory subjects of the programme

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Group: Compulsory subjects of the programme
Min. credits: 62   Max. credits: 62   Min. subjects: 12 Role: P - Compulsory Subjects of the Programme
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
BE1M13JAS Quality and Reliability 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z,L 1 6 Mach P. Mach P. 13113
BE1M14ESP Electric Machinery and Apparatus 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z 1 5   Chomát M., Mindl P. 13114
BE1M14SSE Machinery and Structures of Power Plants 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z 1 5   Thöndel E. 13114
BE1M15IAP Engineering Applications 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z 1 5   Kyncl J., Musil L. 13115
BE1M16EKE Economy of Power Industry 2P+2S EN KZ Z 1 4     13116
BE1M13EMP Ecology of materials and processes 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L 2 5 Kudláček I., Weinzettel J. Kudláček I., Šaršounová Z., Weinzettel J., Žák P. 13113
BE1M14TVM Theory and Application of Power Converters 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L 2 5 Lettl J. Lettl J. 13114
BE1M15TVN High Voltage Engineering 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L 2 5 Procházka R. Procházka R. 13115
BE1M15ENY Power Plants 2P+2S EN Z,ZK L 2 5 Müller Z. Klein V., Müller Z., Špetlík J. 13115
BE1M13ASS Solar Systems Application 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z 3 5 Benda V. Benda V., Holovský J. 13113
BE1M14EPT Electric Drives and Traction 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z 3 6   Čeřovský Z., Lettl J. 13114
BE1M15PRE Transmission and Distribution of Electricity 2P+2S EN Z,ZK Z 3 6     13115

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