Group of Subjects - 2018_MEKPV7 - Compulsory subjects of the programme

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Group: Compulsory subjects of the programme
Min. credits: 30   Max. credits: 30   Min. subjects: 5 Role: PV - Compulsory Elective Modules
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
B2M17CADA CAD in HF Technique 2P+2C CS Z,ZK L 2 6 Škvor Z. Škvor Z. 13117
B2M17MIMA Microwave Measurements 2P+2L CS Z,ZK L 2 6 Hudec P. Hoffmann K., Hudec P. 13117
B2M37RNVA Radio Navigation 2P+2L CS Z,ZK L 2 6 Kovář P. Kovář P. 13137
B2M99RAD Radar systems 2P+2L CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Kořínek T. Kořínek T., Kovář P., Puričer P. 13117
B2M31AEDA Eperimental Data Analysis 2P+2C CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Rusz J. Rusz J. 13131
B2M32MKSA Mobile Networks 2P + 2L CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Bečvář Z. Bečvář Z., Bešťák R., Mach P. 13132
B2M34NSV VLSI System Design 2P+2L CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Hazdra P. Hazdra P., Jirsa J. 13134
B2M37DTRA Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting 2P+2L CS Z,ZK Z 3 6 Ulovec K. Bernas M., Ulovec K. 13137

Specializace radiové systémy

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