Nikola Šohaj scholarships

General information

Nikola Šohaj scholarships are available for Master's degree students from Ukraine visiting the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague for one semester to carry out projects and register for a course of the Czech language

In exceptional cases the scholarship can be awarded to Bachelor degree students — in such case the application should be submitted by the Czech supervisor.

The condition is of course that you have approval from your home university. The total value of the scholarship is 36 000 Czech Crowns — approx. 43 000 Ukrainian Hryvnias. This is enough to cover basic living costs and transportation for the whole period.

The applicant should select the project and contact the potential project supervisor directly. After the agreement of the project supervisor application process can be started.


For the Nikola Šohaj scholarship can apply responsible person from the partner Sending university only. We are processing all received applications and then will announce the results.

Requested documents:

  1. Application form.
  2. Curriculum vitæ.

We are kindly asking to provide also contact information on a person from academic staff who will supervise student from the Sending university side (se paragraph 3 of the Application form).

Please review the list of one-semester projects. Students can also offer their own projects, e.g. topics related to their (future) diploma thesis. We will try to find person who is interested in that filed if possible. In this case, please, provide us or relevant supervisor:

  1. Curriculum vitæ. 
  2. Information about your current project/research (briefly).
  3. Scientific interests (optional).
  4. List of published works (optional).

Students can also register for some Technical courses in English (optional).

Further information can be obtained at

Please reffer to Nikola Šohaj scholarship in the Subject of the mail.

In exceptional cases the scholarship can be awarded to bachelor level students - in such case the application should be submitted by the Czech supervisor.


Svitlana Andriiets

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

„Стипендійна програма Nikola Šohaj це чудова можливість реалізувати свій творчий потенціал, дізнатись нове та порівняти різні системи навчання. Для себе я відмітила зручність планування навчального процесу в ЧТУ у Празі, в якому приймає участь і студент, дуже дружнє відношення викладачів до студентів, їх відкритість до спілкування та співпраці. Для цікавого проведення вільного часу є безліч можливостей, перш за все знайомство з Прагою, цікаві наукові заходи, конференції в вільному доступі, дні відкритих дверей, студентсько-викладацькі ігри та змагання на факультеті“

Andrii Pokotilov

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Diploma thesis defence