State doctoral exam topics


Electrodynamics and numerical methods, modeling of electromagnetic fields

  • Electromagnetic fields - basic equations for perticular types of fields
  • Methods for analytical solution of electromagnetic field
  • Numerical techniques for solving electromagnetic fields
  • Geometric and wave approach for solving fields
  • Simulation and modeling of electromagnetic field

High frequency and microwave technology

  • Waveguides and resonators
  • Passive circuit blocks of microwave technology - analysis, design
  • Active circuit blocks in the microwave band - analysis, design
  • Microwave measurements
  • Interactions of optical and microwave radiation
  • Modern millimeter and submillimetre technologies

Antenna techniques

  • The principles of radiation, internal and external approach
  • Parameters of antennas and antenna measurement
  • Antenna arrays - analysis and synthesis
  • wire antennas
  • Conform antennas, patch antennas
  • Reflector antenna structures, lenses
  • Wideband antenna structures, frequency selective surfaces, PBG

Propagation of electromagnetic waves

  • Radio transmission, link budget, losses, reflection, refraction in the atmosphere
  • Noise parameters, Planck's law of radiometry
  • The specific properties of the surface of the earth and the earth's atmosphere and their influence on wave propagation
  • Methodology for calculation of coverage in different frequency bands for fixed services
  • Methodology of mobile service planning in macro, micro and picocells
  • Measurement and coverage determination

Optoelectronic Systems

  • Optical fibers and waveguides, parameters, transmission characteristics
  • Measurement of the optical fiber and the optoelectronic measurement
  • Optical environment, nonlinear optics
  • Noise in the optical transmission channel
  • Analog and digital optoelectronic systems, characteristics
  • Optoelectronic communication systems

Medical applications of optoelectronics, electromagnetic field and microwave technology

  • The interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological tissue
  • Thermotherapy, Hyperthermia
  • Modelling of fields - electromagnetic field distribution in the tissue
  • NMR, ultrasound and radiometric temperature measurement
  • Measurement of microwave thermotherapy, testing of applicators for microwave thermotherapy
  • Optoelectronic systems for medical diagnosis
  • Optical properties of biological tissues

Signals and Systems

  • Characteristics of deterministic and random signals, signals in temporal and frequency domain
  • Orthogonal expansion of the signal
  • Correlation function of deterministic and random signals and its relationship to energy and power density spectrum
  • Analog and digital modulation

Radio communications

  • Entropy of the source, source coding
  • Channel capacity and channel coding
  • Linear block and convolutional codes
  • Digital modulation technique
  • Spread-spectrum communications

Statistical signal processing

  • Principles of stochastic parameter estimation
  • Application of Maximum A Posteriori Probability and Maximum Likelihood estimation on coherent and non-coherent demodulation
  • Linear estimation and its application on radio-frequency signal filtration

Radio subsystems

  • Frequency lock loop FLL, phase lock loop PLL, delay lock loop DLL
  • Direct and indirect frequency synthesizers
  • Direct frequency synthesizer DDS

Radio systems

  • General schema of the radio communication system, capacity and conceptual design
  • Terrestrial and satellite radio and television broadcasting
  • Professional radio communication systems (radio-relay links, systems of terrestrial mobile service, cellular radio telephone systems)
  • Radio-frequency measurement instruments: signal generators, RF voltmeters, Oscilloscopes, Spectral analyzers, RF and microwave network analyzers

Radio position determination and navigation

  • Radio system for measurement of angle of arrival and distance
  • Directional finder, VOR and TACAN
  • Distance Measuring Equipment DME
  • Doppler systems
  • Satellite navigation systems, principles of operation, errors and their sources, errors suppression methods

Radar systems

  • Principle of primary and secondary radar
  • Power budget, effective cross-sectional area, range
  • Digital processing of radar signals
  • Precision of range and angle estimation
  • Secondary surveillance radar in S mode, anti-collision system ACAS 

Optic radiation, electro-optics, optoelectronics

  • Wave and photon representation
  • Optic radiation sources
  • Photon detectors, optical sensors, image sensors incl. Photo-ASICs, optical displays
  • Bulk and thin-film SLM and processor elements, optic amplifiers and switching elements, memories

Optical information processing, photon metrology, physiological photonics

  • Optical processor systems - parallelisms of process
  • Recording, transmission and reproduction of image information
  • Coding in TV.
  • HVS, optic radiation impact to the human being and environmental aspects, solar energetics
  • Radiometry, photometry, colorimetry


Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.