State doctoral exam topics

Electrical Power Engineering


Technology of electrical energy production

Classic and alternative electrical energy sources. Balance equations in devices for energy transformation, environmental impact. Dynamic characteristics of energy sources. Regulation programs, circuits and dynamic models. Operational modes of electrical parts in power stations. Systems of heat supply.


Control and operation of electrical power systems

Power systems dynamics, extraordinary states in electrical power systems. Optimization methods in electrical power engineering. Covering of load diagrams, prediction of energy consumption. Control of power balance, frequency and voltage. Cooperation of electrical power systems. Energy savings. Cogeneration processes.


Reliability and safety in electrical power systems

Power reserve in electrical power systems. Failure rate and operating lifetime of devices. Methods and conditions of electrical power systems interconnection. Liberalization in electrical power engineering, control methods of electrical energy supplies.


Transmissions and distributions systems

Methods of transmission and distribution systems design and operation. Technical devices for transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Power quality. Harmonics and subharmonics. Steady states and their solving methods.


Transient states in electrical power systems

Modal analysis of electrical power systems and classification of transient states according to modes. Long-term and short-term dynamics. Longitudinal and cross faults and their combinations in complex systems, unbalance. Static and dynamic stability. Wave processes.


High voltage technique

Dielectric strength of electrical machines and devices insulation. Electrical discharges in insulation systems. Overvoltage, insulation coordination. Methods of insulation systems diagnostics.


Electrical heat devices

Modelling of heat and mass transfer and electromagnetic fields in electrical heat technology. Conception and construction of electrical heat devices. Control and environmental aspects of electrical heat devices.


Lighting systems of indoor and outdoor spaces

Light field. Spatial characteristics of lighting. Solving of illuminance, luminance and luminous flux distribution. Light sources and luminaires. Conception of lighting systems.

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.