The procedure for handling requests to the Study Department

Ammended 16.9.2013

  1. Any student who wants to resolve a problem or needs information regarding their studies should familiarize themselves with the relevant regulations (primarily the CTU Study and Exam Regulations and other documents).
  2. In case of ambiguity the student should visit their study officer at the Study Office during office hours with whom they may schedule an appointment by e-mail.
  3. If necessary, the student is to complete an application form. When all the sections are filled in (above all, and most commonly, comments of the authorized department) it is to be sent to the officer or dropped in their mailbox located at the entrance to the SO; it can also be brought to the FEE mailroom, or requested that it be sent to the name of their officer at the address of the SO. A written request form is necessary for reasons of legal archiving. It is recommended that students secure their own copy of the request.
  4. The study officer will either take care of the request, advise or prompt to complete, or forward the request to the appropriate vice-dean for decision. The student will be notified by e-mail, or in person at the window of a study officer, on the decision of the vice-dean in regards to their request.
  5. In the event of irregular or unclear situations which could not be handled in consultation with a study officer and could therefore only be decided by the vice-dean, as well as in the event of a disagreement with the study officer’s processing of the application through the SO secretary, the student may meet with the relevent vice-dean in the Study Office. The student will either be notified of the time of the appointment with the vice-dean immediately in the SO or be invited to a meeting by e-mail. The study officer will prepare the necessary documents for this meeting.

16. 9. 2013

doc. Ing. Ivan Jelínek, CSc., Vice-Dean