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15.04.18 Workshop and the 18th International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA 2018)

Following a well-established tradition, ICRA 2018 will present recent progress in the representation theory of finite-dimensional associative algebras. This year it will be the 18th event in a row (starting with the year 1974). Past conferences took place e.g. in Japan, USA, Brazil, China, Canada or Mexico. Lectures and talks will be connected to algebra, algebraic topology, category theory, combinatorics, logic, and geometry. Around 300 participants are expected.

14.04.18 Quadcopter with Visual Trajectory Control

Gustavo Nishihara from Universidade Estadual de Campinas – supervised by Martin Šipoš, Department of measurement, Faculty of Elecrical Engineering, Czech Technical Universtiy in Prague

22.02.18 We developed a unique tool for analysis and synthesis of (small) antennas

The AToM (Antenna Toolbox for MATLAB) is written entirely in MATLAB, so the user will enjoy its semi-open architecture and friendly operation through GUI or direct access to low level functions. Main simulation core is based on Method of moments, both for 3D wire and planar structures.

Responsible person: doc. Ing. Milan Polívka, Ph.D.