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13000 / 13116 - Grants - 2014

13000 / 13116 - Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Projects Supported by Grants 2014

Bemš, J.: Modeling economic requirement of systems for the disposal of radioactive waste and decommissioning
2014 - 2014, SGS14/071/OHK5/1T/13
Dobiáš, M.: Monitoring Eye Movements for the Diagnosis of Neuroscience
2011 - 2014, TA01011138
Efmertová, M.: The aristocratic elite and its support industries in France and the Czech lands in the 19th century
2014 - 2015, 7AMB14FR071
Kloubec, M.: Smart Metering Systems
2013 - 2014, SGS13/137/OHK5/2T/13
Knápek, J.: Potential of biomass as energy source to cover local, regional and/or national fuel needs
2014 - 2017, TA04020970
Kratochvíl, Š.: Analysis and the methods of forecasting of the electricity market in the terms of system imbalance, short-term spot electricity price and long-term future price
2014 - 2015, SGS14/138/OHK5/2T/13
Lachmanová, M.: Complex analysis of the impact of intermittent sources grid integration
2014 - 2015, SGS14/139/OHK5/2T/13
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