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Publications 2018

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Papers in Other Journals

FERNANDES, F., et al. Tribological and cutting performance of TiAlCrN films with different Cr contents deposited with multilayered structure. Tribology International. 2018, 119 345-353. ISSN 0301-679X.

AHMAD, A. and Z. HANZÁLEK. An Energy Efficient Schedule for IEEE 802.15.4/ ZigBee Cluster Tree WSN with Multiple Collision Domains and Period Crossing Constraint. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS. 2018, 14(1), 12-23. ISSN 1551-3203.

MINAEVA, A., et al. Time-Triggered Co-Scheduling of Computation and Communication with Jitter Requirements. IEEE Transactions on Computers. 2018, 67(11), 115-129. ISSN 0018-9340.

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