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Publications 2018

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Papers in WoS Journals

ULVR, M., M. ULVR, and M. ULVR. Design of PCB search coils for AC magnetic flux density measurement. AIP Advances. 2018, 8(4), 047505-1-047505-9. ISSN 2158-3226.

BUTTA, M. and M. JANOŠEK. Orthogonal Fluxgate Gradiometer With Multiple Coil Pairs. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 2018, 54(1), ISSN 0018-9464.

BUTTA, M. and M. JANOŠEK. Very low frequency noise reduction in orthogonal fluxgate. AIP Advances. 2018, 8(4), 047203-1. ISSN 2158-3226.


HOLUB, J. and J. SVATOŠ. Zařízení pro zvýšení bezpečnosti provozu vozidel při pojíždění. Czech Republic. Patent. CZ 307223. 2018-02-21. Available from: http://upv.cz/cs.html

SVATOŠ, J., K. TRGALA, and J. POHLOUDEK. Monitorovací systém energetické spotřeby budov pro diagnostiku tepelně technických vlastností obálek budov. Czech Republic. Utility Model. CZ 31585. 2018-03-13. Available from: https://isdv.upv.cz/webapp/webapp.pts.det?xprim=10381058&lan=cs&s_majs=&s_puvo=&s_naze=&s_anot=

Papers in Other Journals

MIRZAEI, M., et al. The effect of conductor permeability on electric current transducers. AIP Advances. 2018, 8 ISSN 2158-3226.

RIPKA, P., et al. Inductance position sensor for pneumatic cylinder. AIP Advances. 2018, 8(4), ISSN 2158-3226.

BENOVA, B., et al. Early Predictors Of Clinical And Mental Outcome In Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: A Prospective Study. European Journal of Paediatric Neurology. 2018, ISSN 1090-3798. Available from: http://www.ejpn-journal.com/article/S1090-3798(17)30138-1/fulltext

Conference Proceedings

HOLUB, J., et al. Subjective Testing of Car Audio Systems With and Without Parallel Task. In: DAGA 2018. DAGA 2018, Mnichov, 2108-03-19/2018-03-22. Berlin: German Acoustical Society (DEGA), 2018. Available from: https://www.head-acoustics.de/downloads/messen/HEAD_acoustics_DAGA_Abstract_Car_Audio_System_Testing.pdf

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