Biomedical Electronics Group

Department of Circuit Theory, Technická 2, Praha 6, 166 27
Tel.: +420 2 2435 2048


Who we are

Ing. Jan Havlík, PhD.
Biomedical hardware development, assistive technologies, head of the group

Ing. Zdeněk Horčík
Biomedical hardware development

Ing. Jakub Parák
Telemedicine and telemonitoring

Ing. Matouš Pokorný
Telemedicine and telemonitoring

Ing. Jan Dvořák
Hemodynamic parameters and measurements, hardware development

Ing. Miroslav Ložek
Modeling of biological systems


Research description

We deal with the biomedical electronics and the biomedical signal processing especially in the field of the telemedicine, telemonitoring and assistive technologies.

What is it good for

Our research extends support for unhealthy and/or disabled people and for the elderly and gives them the opportunity to stay in their natural environment instead of institutionalized them. The research is also focused on the development of new diagnostic methods applicable in a wide range of daily care.


Telemonitoring of Vital Signs

The project aims with the design and realization of the telemedical system for distant monitoring of the selected vital signs like the heart rate, blood oxygenation, breathing frequency etc. The signs are sensed using own hardware; the acquired signals are preprocessed and transferred by wireless line using Bluetooth, WiFi or GSM technologies. The project includes both hardware design and realization, and software design and implementation.


Intelligent Primer Nurse

The project aims with the design and realization of the device for monitoring of the heart rate and user.s activity. The device is something like personal wireless bed side monitor with remote display. Connection to the computer unit is provided by a Bluetooth module. The main aim has been to design a prototype of multi-purpose device suitable for use in senior homes, spas or for lonely seniors. In this device, a special algorithm is implemented for activating alarm in the life threatening situation like low or high heart rates or inactivity of user, where a danger of losing consciousness exists. In the future, there will be a possibility to use several .Primer Nurses. for user.s multi-monitoring using one central computer.


Primary Screening of Atherosclerosis

The project deals with the design of signal processing methods for measuring of blood pressure and hemodynamic parameters using a dual-cuff (or multi-cuff) tonometer and also with primary screening of atherosclerosis based on hemodynamic parameters and the shape of the pulse wave. It has been designed and developed the experimental workplace during the solving of project. New data from patients have been collecting using this workplace. The have been stored, cataloged, processed and interpreted in physical and medical way. Modeling of hemodynamic parameters and study of correlation between modeled and real data are also a part of the project.

Mechanical Model of Cardiovascular System

The project aims with the design and realization of the mechanical model of the human cardiovascular system. The main idea is to support the education in the Biomedical Engineering by the new laboratory equipment. The experimental design allows the measurement and investigation of the blood pressure and the cardiac output. The project includes both the hardware design and realization and the software design and implementation (the firmware for device controller).


Financial support and contracts

  • FRVŠ TO G3 902/2013 (University Development Foundation, 2013) - Telemetrically Controlled Adaptive Model of the Cardiovascular System
  • SGS12/143/OHK3/2T/13 (CTU in Prague, 2012-2013) - Algorithms and Hardware Realizations of Digital Signal Processing
  • SGS11/153/OHK3/3T/13 (CTU in Prague, 2011-2013) - The Determination of Hemodynamic Parameters and the Primary Screening of the Atherosclerosis
  • FRVŠ TO F3a 2177/2012 (University Development Foundation, 2012) - The Mechanical Model of the Blood Circulation
  • FRVŠ TO F3a 2122/2011 (University Development Foundation, 2011) - The Innovation of the X31ZLE Basics of Medical Electronics

Further information in our web pages.

International collaboration

RWTH Aachen, Helmholz - Institute for Biomedical Engineering

Selected publications

The list of publications including full-texts is accessible from our web pages.

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Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.