CAT - Computer Aided Testing

Department of Electric Drives and Traction, Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6
Tel.: 224 352 341, Fax: 233 339 972

Who are we?

Vít Hlinovský
Creation of algorithms for measuring and evaluation of electric drive tests and a program support for modern devices by PC. Program support for Rohde&Schwarz measuring devices . spectral analysis and radio monitoring (cooperation with Rohde&Schwarz company for over 25 years). Small electric drives MAXON and their computer support. Electric drives for cars.

Pavel Pivoňka
Creation of algorithms for measuring and evaluation of electric drive tests in steady and transitional states. Small electric drives MAXON and their computer support. Didactic usage of measuring systems and computer support of teaching.

Jan Bradna
Creation of graphic interface for measurement and evaluation of electric drive tests. Models of electric machines and implementation measured data into these models for further processing. Use of measured data for FEM analysis.

Zdeněk Houf
Methods of control of synchronous motor with permanent magnets and their usage in electric cars. Technical support during measuring.

What research are we doing?

We are interested in applications of automated control and measuring systems in electric drives tests. From electric drives we mean especially asynchronous motors. Our work consists of a development and testing the required software for collection and data processing in the following main fields:

Automation of type test of asynchronous motors - The system is realized in the indoor laboratories of CTU-FEE-K13114, where the teaching lessons of subject "Diagnostics of the electric devices" also take place. "Research plan - MSM6840770015" is also realized at the same place.

Automation of broadband measurements of antenna diagrams - This system of antenna measuring was used in realization of monitoring antennas for CTO (Czech Telecommunication Office) in cooperation with companies Rhode&Schwarz Prague s.r.o and TECHNISERV, spol. s.r.o. This system was introduced to wider technical public at PRAHEX 2010 conference.

PC data transfer and processing - Two generally applicable programs for data transfer from the measuring devices and further processing via PC were developed within this research program. Program for data processing from Tektronix oscilloscopes DSO and DPS is used by students and research teams in the labs of the department and it is also used in at least 250 industrial applications. The second generally applicable program is a program for data processing from measurements on the Rohde&Schwarz spectral analyzers FSx and EBx and data presentation in different kinds of graphs. This program is also used for longtime frequency spectrum monitoring. This software is part of an awarded project ASMKS - "The Computerworld Honors Program 2007".

What is it good for?

The results of our development are applied in industrial conditions, where they mainly serve as tools for measurement in a field of electric drive development and communication devices.

Based on the results passed into practice we derive a pedagogical use in the laboratories of our department which is more focused on the practical requirements.

What are we specifically working on?

Automation of type test of asynchronous motors

There are methods which allow to measure without any machine modifications for finding the most basic parameters in the field of modern drives with asynchronous motors in these days. The accurate finding of these paramerts is important both for the right instalation of the drive and for mathematical model usable in regulatory schemes.

Nowadays the research in this field is mainly focused on measurement and analysis of dynamic actions in asynchronous motors which can significantly affect the optimal use of them in modern drives. The laboratory of electric drives at CTU-FEE is interested in this research for a long time and cooperates with other labs in the Czech Republic.

Automation of broadband measurements of antenna diagrams

Within cooperation with company Rhode&Schwarz Prague s.r.o. there was realized an automation of broadband measurements of antenna diagrams by using a software San_FSx and an electric drive for turning the antenna around which was realized by alternate drive MAXON. The program can set an exact location of the antenna system with an accuracy of 0,1° and after setting and measuring the frequency spectrum in the desired width it transfers the data to computer where it displays them into 2D graph with a colorful coding of the measured signal level. The used electric drive MAXON is a modern alternatively switched drive with an incremental rotary encoder and transmission. Drive is powered by an inverter EPOS. The direct control of the location by program is linked with the spectral curve measurement.

Control and data processing from the Rohde&Schwarz spectral analyzers FSx and EBx

Our team had to solve a few problems which were a little bit out of our field during the realization of automation of measuring. Specifically it was a radio monitoring or support during EMC measurement. The issues of measuring and data processing from spectral analyzers are solved by interactive cooperation with end users directly in the field. Development of the software for control and data processing for measurement on spectral analyzers Span_FSx is based on the requirements and suggestions from the end users. This program has been developed for over 10 years so a large tool has been created which is used by about 150 users in Czech Republic, France, Austria, Slovakia or Russia.

Small drives of general use - MAXON

Applications of small drives and their computer support are focused on teaching in labs. Programs for teaching about regulators for electric drives, setting parameters of P-I-D elements and their influence on drive running.

Who is funding our research?

Computer aided testing team is funded by several ways from a basic support within a research plan of the Ministry of Education, public contract for a research project and development, to financial and material donations:

  • MSM6840770015 - Research Plan, 2009-2011 - C5.7 Methods of measuring for industrial diagnostics
  • Public contract for research project and development 2007 - National Security Authority č.j.: 50/2007-NBÚ/04-VV NBU - 28/07002/13114

Material donations for education support:

  • UZIMEX Praha, spol. s.r.o. - system of motors MAXON and power units EPOS
  • Moeller Elektrotechnika s.r.o. - systems of industrial PLC and control relay EASY a MFD-Titan

Who are we cooperating with?

  • ROHDE & SCHWARZ - Praha, s.r.o. - measuring systems GPIB, USB, LAN. Automation of data collection, archiving and presentation. Smaller measuring systems
  • UZIMEX Praha, spol. s.r.o. - small electric drives MAXON, their computer support and application in a teaching process
  • Moeller Elektrotechnika s.r.o. - industrial systems for devices and drives automation.

Further we are cooperating with more than 100 industrial, research and development labs as in Czech Republic so in foreign countries too.

Chosen publications

  • Hlinovský V.: Span XP - computer support for spectral analyzers . user manual, self-published 225 pieces, Prague, 1995-2011
  • Hlinovský V.: Scope XP - computer support for oscilloscopes . user manual, self-published 300 pieces, Prague 1993 - 2011

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.