Increasing competitiveness of enterprises in electrotechnical industry

Department of Economics, Management and Humanities, Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6

  • Research team leader: prof. Ing. Gustav Tomek, DrSc.,, +420 2 2435 3322

Who are we?

  • Prof. Ing. Gustav Tomek, DrSc. - management, production management, marketing, purchasing marketing
  • Doc. Ing. Věra Vávrová, CSc. - management, production management, marketing, purchasing marketing
  • Ing. Jaroslav Šafránek, CSc. - management, models in support of decision making
  • Ing. Jan Jandera, Ph.D. - quality management

The research we work on

Our research is directed to address analysis of conditions in recent dynamic changes of micro- and macroeconomic environment. Based on this we aim to determine relevant factors and measures allowing to maintain and increase the competitive ability and identify the decisive market competence as a requirement for efficient managerial work on both vertical and horizontal level of a company.

Aim of the research

Organization and management of production form one of the mainstays of an entrepreneurial interest in industrial practice. Likewise, it should be an important part of study programs or programs aiming at business economic and technical-economic area. It is manufacturing as the decisive segment of a value forming chain, where the competitive advantage (product uniqueness, cost & price minimization) originates.

A group of solutions, features, tools and principles is common for all production systems. Success of the company may be based on the creative work with a "kit" consisting of these basic parts, provided a specific system respecting given conditions was established. Fundamental mastering of the basic parts of such a "kit" is unavoidable, being in full accordance with the discursive thinking, when the subject is understood step by step and advancement from one term to another follows, contributing to the final result. Another effect of this approach is the full understanding of the nature and resources of particular information for production management, especially when the company operates within the social & economic cycle characterized by expansion of information technologies and benefit from software systems. Formation of the net and organization interconnections of enterprises is followed by the fact that active managerial approach affects the whole supply chain. Thus new opportunities for market forecasts, cost savings, reductions of inventories and increase of flexibility are made possible. Competition becomes a competition of whole chains from subcontractors to final user. The modern way of managing a company requires a production:

  • fulfilling the market requirements,
  • complying with capacity,
  • using appropriate technology,
  • assuring required quality,
  • open to cost reductions,
  • organized for adaptability,
  • provided with production factors (quality, quantity, time),
  • manned with qualified employees,
  • achieving necessary productivity,
  • fully innovative.

What exactly we work on

The solution of the competitive ability of a company is concentrated upon the analysis of value forming chain. The purport of the analyses is to discover the access ways to the production management leading to adaptability to the market requirements, marketing concept of entrepreneurship, application of complex standardization, implementation of process management, integrated approach to the functions of operational management and respecting the principles of product management. Particular tasks may be characterized as follows:

  • integration of manufacturing, sales and purchasing management
  • standardization in value-forming chain
  • process oriented manufacturing
  • supply chain management

    The low competitive ability is characterized by lack of ability to supply the market with products and services that find a positive response among the customers. Many enterprises, however, face an even worse situation, as they gradually lost their ability to re-establish their position among the competitors. The research is based both on existing data and data coming from the researchers. own scientific and educational activities, various publications, contacts with management of numerous enterprises and outcomes of the targeted field research conducted in selected enterprises. Data from the research allow collect and analyze findings on the management of principal subsystems and the issues related. The outcomes of the project will be represented by a pool of suggestions and recommendations leading to the improvement of the competitive ability and prosperity of a company. Another effect of the research is enhancing of university teaching in the Czech Republic and publishing of outcomes of the research. Economic strength of an enterprise is not sufficient . it is necessary to reflect quickly and flexibly the changing environment and take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities. Czech enterprises have learned that the market success means adoption of market orientation expressed in the marketing concept of management. However it is not clear whether they understand the position of marketing as entrepreneurial philosophy and system of corresponding cognitive and implementing functions. This is addressed by following steps:
  • transition to the market orientation
  • analysis of market requirements
  • product management
  • manufacturing flexibility - cost and customer satisfaction perspective

Who funds our research

  • CTU FEE Research project Decision making and control of manufacturing III, MSM 6840770038 - TT 11: Management of an enterprise and its competitiveness, research leader: Prof. Tomek
  • GAČR 402/02/0160 Investigation of unexacting restructuring of basic internal relations in small and medium enterprises - conflicts with marketing, researchers: Prof. Tomek, Doc. Vávrová
  • GAČR 402/06/0297 Research of application of controlling marketing competencies and elimination of possible marketing conflicts in small and medium-size enterprises . position of marketing in an enterprise, researchers: Prof. Tomek, Doc. Vávrová

With whom we cooperate

  • University of West Bohemia - Faculty of Economics in Pilsen,
  • UTB - Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Zlín,
  • Selected electrical, engineering and non-engineering firms (220 companies addressed in controlled interviews in recent research).

Selected publications

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Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.