Transmission Media and Systems

Department of Telecommunications Engineering, Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6

Who are we?

  • Doc. Ing. Jiri Vodrazka, Ph.D. - head of working group
  • Ing. Leos Bohac, Ph.D., Ing. Michal Lucki, PhD - optical transmission media and systems
  • Ing. Petr Jares, Ph.D., Ing. Pavel Lafata, Ph.D. - optical and metallic access networks and systems
  • Doc. Ing. Jiri Sykora, Ph.D., Ing. Bc. Ivan Pravda, Ph.D. - evaluation of transmission quality parameters
  • Ing. Zbynek Kocur - optimization of communication protocols and interlayer coordination

Research focus

  • Optimizing transmission over copper and fiber optic transmission media.
  • Analysis of media parameters, modeling of its properties and simulation of digital signal transmission for backbone and access telecommunication networks.
  • Optimization of communication protocols, topology and network architecture.
  • Evaluation of transmission quality parameters.

What is it for

The aim of our research activities is in increasing speed of digital transmission systems, reliability, performance and searching for a new deployment of the transmission media, optimization of networks and communication protocols to improve and streamline their use. The results are periodically published in professional public online magazine Access server and selected simulations are available online on MatLab server.

What specifically we are working on

  • Modeling the properties of metallic lines
  • Estimation of transmission speed of copper lines - simulation program
  • Modeling optical transmission - simulation Programs
  • Research of the properties and using microstructural fibers
  • Exploration of new structures, photonic sensors
  • Modeling and optimization of communication networks, data transmission
  • Methodology for evaluation of transmission quality for different types of services
  • Data Communications in Power and Intelligent Network (Smart Grids)

Who funds our research

  • Limits for Broad-Band Signal Transmission on the Twisted Pairs and Other System Coexistence (GACR 102/03/0434)
  • Optimization of Data Transmission at 10Gbps overG.652 Fibers without the Deployment of EDFA with Respect to Maximum Transmission Distance (GACR 102/04/0773)
  • Specification of Qualitative Criteria and Optimization of Resources for Broadband Access Networks (NPV 1ET300750402)
  • Advanced Optimization of Communication Systems Design Using Neural Networks (GACR 102/07/1503)
  • Research of Nonlinear Phenomena of Quantum Structures to Photonic Crystal-based Optical Components of High-speed Transmission Systems (GP102/09/P143)
  • Research of Perspective Information and Communication technologies (MSM6840770014)
  • Research and Development of the 10Gbps Data Module for High-Rate Free Space Optical Lines and Microwave Lines (FR-TI2/621)
  • Modern Structure of Photonic Sensors and New Innovative Principles for Intrusion Detection Systems, Integrity and Protection of Critical Infrastructure (VG20102015053)
  • Development of adaptable and data processing systems for high-speed, secure and reliable communication in extreme conditions (VG20122014095)
  • Research and development of a new communication system with multi-channel approach and multi-layer co-operation for industrial applications (TA02011015)

In cooperation with

  • Department of Telecommunication Technology, VŠB-TUO . FEI in Ostrava
  • Department of Telecommunication, VUT in Brno
  • Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Prague
  • Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Prague
  • Czech Telecommunication Office
  • Telefónica CR, Prague, Prague
  • CertiCon, a.s., Prague
  • Elkond HHK a.s., Slovakia
  • PRAKAB, a.s., Prague
  • PROFiber Networking, s.r.o., Prague
  • Safibra, s.r.o.
  • Slovak Telecom (T-Com)

Selected Publications

  • Lucki, M. - Bohac, L.: Flexible Control of Dispersion in Index Guiding Photonic Crystal Fibers Governed by Geometrical Parameters. In Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices III. Bellingham, WA: The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2006.
  • Lucki, M. - Bohac, L.: Band Gap Structure as the Photonic Crystal Fiber Guidance Mechanism. In Photonic Crystals and Fibers. Bellingham: SPIE, 2005.
  • Vodrazka, J. - Simak, B.: Digitál Subscriber Lines xDSL - Part 2. Prague: Communication Technology, 2007.
  • Vodrazka, J.: Multi-carrier modulation and MIMO principle application on subscriber lines. Radioengineering. 2007.
  • Lucki, M. . Bohac, L. . Vodrazka, J.: : Design of photonic crystal fibers with low bending losses. 6th International Conference on Photonics, Prague 2008, Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering.
  • Lafata, P. - Vodrazka, J.: Simulations and Statistical Evaluations of FEXT Crosstalk in xDSL Systems Using Metallic Cable Constructional Arrangement. In TSP - 31st International Conference Telecommunications and Signal Processing. Budapest. 2008.
  • Lafata, P. - Vodrazka, J.: Modeling of Transmission Functions and Crosstalk in Metallic Cables for Implementation of MIMO Concept. Radioengineering. 2009.
  • Lafata, P. - Jares, P.: Analysis of Simulation Methods for Far-end Crosstalk Cancellation. Radioengineering. 2011.
  • Lafata, P. - Vodrazka, J.: Application of Passive Optical Network with Optimized Bus Topology for Local Backbone Data Network. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. 2011.
  • Kocur, Z. - Macejko, P. - Marik, V.: Adaptable System Increasing the Speed and Reliability of Data Transmission. Utility model, Industrial Property Office, 21913. 2011-03-07.

Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.