Changing of CTU Password (Heslo ČVUT)

  1. Open the webpage usermap.cvut.cz
  2. Log in using your "CTU password".
  3. Click on your name in the left top corner. Your personal information will appear on the next page.
  4. Click on the "Settings" tab and then on the "User password settings (CTU Password)" link in the "Access rights" section.
  5. Enter your "CTU Password" again, a new CTU Password twice and press "Save" button at last.

Password strength requirements:

  • must be 8-30 characters long
  • must contain at least two characters from available groupings:
  • available groupings are [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], [!#%&()[]*+,./:;<=>?@^_`{|}~-]
    (space is allowed)
  • not include your firstname, lastname, personal number or username

Validity of CTU password

  • The password is valid for 365 days since the last setting
  • The user can set a new password for 135 days from blocking password via the web form
  • A new password will not be used by the two last used passwords
  • The user can verify after logging expiration of password in usermap.cvut.cz or udb.fel.cvut.cz

In case of problems contact your department administrator (employees), or send an e-mail to heslo-cvut@fel.cvut.cz.

More information on the CTU website

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal