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SSID eduroam

The network uses 802.1x authentication (with EAP) through RADIUS infrastructure. The communication is secured by the WPA protocol. These settings need to be configured on your computer or mobile device only once. After the initial configuration, every time your device is in range, it will automatically connect to the network.

If your computer or mobile device is configured properly for the eduroam network, you will be able to gain network access at any organization (Czech or international), that is part of the eduroam project, as easily as at your home organization.


  1. Set your eduroam password.
  2. Check certificates installed in your operation system.
  3. At the RADIUS servers settings (see next step) replace the value radius1.domain.cz;radius2.domain.cz with the value radius1.feld.cvut.cz;radius2.feld.cvut.cz.
  4. Use the instructions placed at the portal eduroam.cz.

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal