Basic Information for Students - Users of FEE Computer Network

This document contains basic information about access to the FEE computer network. Two basic data tokens which allow you to access the faculty's computer network:


Username serves as your unique identifier in the FEE computer network. All of your centrally administered user accounts will use this username. Your e-mail address is derived from it:


CTU Password

CTU Password jentitles you to use some components of computer network, e.g. to access the component STUDIUM of faculty information system, to initialize and change your Novell NetWare network password, or to redirect your e-mail to another mailbox. Knowledge of this password allows anyone to impersonate you in FEE computer network. Do NOT disclose it to anybody!

The CTU Password is case sensitive ("Password" isn't the same as "password" or "PASSWORD").

Your CTU Password, was initialized to a random value. You should change it as soon as possible to some phrase known only to you.

Note: CTU Password is different from the Novell NetWare one!

Computer rooms

Karlovo náměstí

Instructions concerning the access to the computer rooms at Karlovo náměstí are provided by the lecturers from Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Computer rooms no. 115 and 404 are available for students at this time. Diskless computers, placed there, boot from the network. To access the computer rooms you need your CTU student identity card and your Novell NetWare password.

Password setting for Novell NetWare

The Novell NetWare password is not automatically generated for new user accounts. You have to set it before the first log-on to the computer network.

Using web browser:
Use web form at URL: https://felnet.feld.cvut.cz/lcgi/setpass/.
In computer labs at Dejvice:
Restart the computer and choose the "Change password for login" item from the boot menu. The password setting program will executed.
Note: The FELIS password setting program uses the user's CTU Password for authentication. (The main password is NOT changed by the program!)

The aforementioned method can be used to set your Novell NetWare password in case you have forgotten it or when it is not working for some reason.

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal