Other information about services

CTU card (smart card)

Identity card of CTU for students and staff. It allows, among other things, access to the building, access to the study rooms and the use of copy & print self-service. Information can be found at:


Copy & print self-service

Copy & print self-service is available on one device in Dejvice. Information about the service and about charging the credit can be found at:


E-mail for graduates

Students, who successfully complete their studies at FEE (in any form), may use faculty E-mail address for incoming mail for up to three years.


Wireless network SSID fel

It is strongly recommended to use wireless network Eduroam for all users with equipment capable of working with 802.1x. For those who have the hardware and software without this ability, there is SSID fel.


Connecting by cable - protocol 802.1x

Connecting mobile devices to wired network connection using 802.1x protocol is similar to the wireless network connection of Eduroam project.


Templates for thesis in LaTeX

Doc. Zvánovec and his colleagues created the first version of templates for theses in (La) TeX. The authors are Vít Zýka and Petr Oląák.
Feel free to try out the templates and send feedback.


Sending large files

In case you need to send to someone large files (up to 500 GB) or you need to share large files with multiple users, you can use File Service FileSender operated by association CESNET. The service is freely available to staff and students of all organizations belonging to the CESNET (most universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, faculty hospitals, etc.).

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal