Technical support of events

Technical support provided by SVTI

  • hiring and installation of presentation and computer equipment
  • training of operators
  • configuration of PC rooms
  • configuration of access to wireless network
  • video documentation and video processing (only rooms T2:D3-209, 309, C4-80, KN:E-107, 301)
  • photographic documentation
  • real time video broadcasting (only rooms T2:D3-209, 309, C4-80, KN:E-107, 301)
  • helpdesk


  1. If the organizer (contact person) is an employee of the faculty:
    Organizer inserts a proposal for the event to the Events Calendar (through the editor appointed at each department). Requirements for technical support and the name of contact person should be a part of the proposal. If the action does not interfere in the term with another one, timetable maker will approve it (and event is automatically published on the web FEL, if editor required publishing).
  2. If the organizer (contact person) is not an employee of the faculty
    Subjects out of the faculty usually contact with a request Secretariat of the Dean (Secretary). From there the request is forwarded to TPO (Technical and Operational Department) which signs the contract about premises, equipment and services with the organizer. In this case TPO inserts the proposal for the event to the application. Other procedure, see section a.
    Notice: if subject out of the faculty contacts directly TPO, SVTI or other workplace, event must be approved firstly by the Secretary FEL (or another member of headquarters of the faculty).

Technical support of education

Teachers are to send their requests to the e-mail address svti@fel.cvut.cz, respectively use the telephone lines 5899, 3919 (Dejvice), 7511 (Karlovo náměstí).

Responsible person: Ing. Michal Dočkal