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AE0B02ZIP Environmental Science Extent of teaching:2+0s
Guarantors:Bálek R. Roles:V Language of
Teachers:Bálek R. Completion:ZK
Responsible Department:13102 Credits:2 Semester:Z


Attention is devoted to the basis of ecology, to the growth of human population, to the capitalization of energy and to other resources of the biosphere. The pollution of water, soil, and air together with a waste treatment is evaluated. The impact of mechanic, electric, magnetic fields and chemical components to environment is also discussed. Economy, law and morality in relation to environment are dealt with.

Study targets:

To encrease ecological literacy and development of thinking on environmental topics.

Course outlines:

1. Environmental survey of the Czech Republic and of the World.
2. Environmental problems, their causes. Science, ecological principles.
3. Ecosystems.
4. Climate. Sustaining biodiversity.
5 Food, soil, forestry and pest management.
6. Environmental hazards and human health.
7. Air pollution.
8. Climate change. Ozone depletion.
9. Water resources. Water pollution
10. Nature treasure. Nonrenewable and renewable energy. Energy efficiency.
11. Waste management.
12. Noise and vibration.
13. Electrical fields. Ionizing radiation.
14. Thermal and light comfort.

Exercises outline:


1. Miller, G.T., Spoolman S.: Living in the Environment 18e. ISBN 13: 978-1-337-09415-3, 2018
2. Wright R.T., Boorse D.: Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future, ISBN13: 9780321811295, 2014
3. Myers N., Spoolman S.: Environmental Issues and Solutions. ISBN-13:978-1-4354-6232-8, 2014
4. Global Environmental Outlook, GEO4, Environment for Development. UNEP, 2007
5. Europe's environment - The fourth assessment
6. Haberle G.:Umwelttechnik fur Schule und Beruf. Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel, Nourney, Vollmer GmbH&Co.,42781 Haan-Gruiten Germany, 2000
7. Report on the Environment of the Czech Republic, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Prague, 2017.


oral examination, case study (5 pages)



ecology, environment, sustainable development

Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BEKME1 Communication Technology V
BEKME5 Komunikace a elektronika V
BEKME_BO Common courses V
BEKME4 Network and Information Technology V
BEKME3 Applied Electronics V
BEKME2 Multimedia Technology V
BEEEM1 Applied Electrical Engineering V
BEEEM_BO Common courses V
BEEEM2 Electrical Engineering and Management V
BEKYR1 Robotics V
BEKYR_BO Common courses V
BEKYR3 Systems and Control V
BEKYR2 Sensors and Instrumentation V
BEOI1 Computer Systems V
BEOI_BO Common courses V
BEOI3 Software Systems V
BEOI2 Computer and Information Science V

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