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B0B02UAK Introduction to Acoustic Extent of teaching:2+2L
Guarantors:Jiříček O. Roles:P,PV Language of
Teachers:Brothánek M., Jiříček O. Completion:KZ
Responsible Department:13102 Credits:4 Semester:L


The subject provides overview of main parts of acoustics. In first lectures there is introduction to basic types of sound fields, its solutions and properties. Next chapter deals with introduction to building and room acoustics. The second half of the course deals with introductions to physiological acoustics, psychoacoustics, musical acoustics, hygiene legislation and ultrasound, infrasound and their measurement.

Course outlines:

1. Sound and basic acoustic variables.
2. Sound in free space and rooms, interference and diffraction.
3. Types of sound sources and their properties.
4. Foundation of building acoustics, hall diagnostics.
5. Noise, its measurements and evaluation.
6. Noise legislation, noise surveys.
7. Vibration and its measurement.
8. Transient sound field.
9. Psychoacoustics, musical acoustics.
10. Elastic waves in solids, properties and propagation.
11. Piesoelectric phenomenon.
12. Generation and receiving of elastic waves.
13. Ultrasound, infrasound.
14. Sound and light.

Exercises outline:

1. Levels and decibels.
2. Sound fields of basic sound sources.
3. Sound pressure and intensity.
4. Sound pressure measurements.
5. Frequency analysis, 1/3-octave.
6. FFT and other analyses.
7. Examples of interference and sound fields in rooms.
8. Sound reflection measurements.
9. Vibration measurements.
10. Non-steady sound field.
11. Measurements of non-steady sound.
12. Basic properties of ultrasound field.
13. Ultrasound transducers.
14. Measurements of ultrasound.


1. Beranek L.L., Noise and Vibration Control, INCE, 1988
2. Kuttruff H.,, Room Acoustics, Applied Science Publishers LTD
3. Fahy F., Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration, E & FN SPON, 1998


Laboratory tasks, Final test.


Subject is included into these academic programs:

Program Branch Role Recommended semester
BPEK_2018 Common courses PV 6
BPEK_2016 Common courses P 6
BPBIO_2018 Common courses PV 5

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