Group of Subjects - 2015_MEKEVOL3 - Elective subjects

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Group: Elective subjects
Min. credits: 0   Max. credits: 999   Min. subjects: 0 Role: V - Elective Modules
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
BE2M17ANT Antennas 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L   6 Mazánek M.   13117
BE2M17VOT Fiber Optic Technology 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z   6 Zvánovec S.   13117
BE2M17MIO Microwave Circuits 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z   5 Polívka M.   13117
BE2M17MIM Microwave Measurements 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L   5 Hudec P.   13117
BE2M17SBS Wave Propagation for Wireless Links 2P+2C EN Z,ZK L   6 Pechač P.   13117
BE2M31ADA Adaptive signal processing 2p+2c EN Z,ZK Z   5     13131
BE2M31BSG Biological Signals 2P+2L EN Z,ZK L   5     13131
BE2M31ZRE Speech Processing 2P+2C EN Z,ZK L   6 Pollák P.   13131
BE2M31SYN Synthesis of Audio Signals 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z   6 Čmejla R.   13131
BE2M32PST Advanced Networking Technologies 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK Z,L   6 Boháč L.   13132
BE2M32DMT Diagnostics and Measurement in Telecommunications 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK L   6 Vodrážka J.   13132
BE2M32DSV Distributed Computing 2P + 2C EN Z,ZK Z   5     13132
BE2M32IBE Information Security 2P + 2C EN Z,ZK Z   5 Vaněk T.   13132
BE2M32MKS Mobile Networks 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK Z,L   6     13132
BE2M32OSS Optical Systems and Networks 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK L   6     13132
BE2M32THO Queueing Theory 3P + 1L EN Z,ZK Z   5     13132
BE2M32RTK Telephony Communication Control 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK L   6 Bešťák R.   13132
BE2M32BTS Wireless Technologies and Sensor Networks 2P + 2L EN Z,ZK Z,L   5 Bečvář Z.   13132
BE0M33BDT Big Data Technologies 2P+1C EN Z,ZK Z   4 Hučín J.   13136
BE2M37MOT Advanced areas in image and video technology 2p+2l EN Z,ZK Z   5     13137
BE2M37ART Architecture of Radio Receivers and Transmitters 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z   6 Kovář P.   13137
BE2M99ZVT Audio Technology 1 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z   6 Husník L.   13137
BE2M37ZV2 Audio Technology 2 2p+2l EN Z,ZK L   5 Rund F.   13137
BE2M37KDK Coding in digital communications 3P+1C EN Z,ZK L   5 Sýkora J.   13137
BE2M37KAS Compression of images and signals 2p+2c EN Z,ZK L   5     13137
BE2M37DTR Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting 2p+2l EN Z,ZK Z   5     13137
BE2M37DKM Digital Communications 3P+1C EN Z,ZK Z   6 Sýkora J.   13137
BE2M37OBT Image Technology 2P+2L EN Z,ZK Z   6 Páta P.   13137
BE2M37RNV Radio Navigation 2P+2C EN Z,ZK Z   5 Kovář P.   13137

Student can choose arbitrary subject of themagister's program (EEM - Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management, EK - Electronics and Communications, KYR - Cybernetics and Robotics, OI - Open Informatics, OES - Open Electronics Systems) which is not part of his curriculum. Student can choose with consideration of recommendation of the branch guarantee. You can find a selection of optional courses organized by the departments on the web site

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