Group of Subjects - 2018_MEEMEPV2 - Compulsory elective subjects of the specialization

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Group: Compulsory elective subjects of the specialization
Min. credits: 15   Max. credits: 45   Min. subjects: 3 Role: PV - Compulsory Elective Modules
Subject Name Extent
of teaching
of teaching
Guarantors Teachers Dept.
BE1M16RES Development of Energy Systems 2p+2s EN Z,ZK Z 2,3 5 Krejcar R. Krejcar R. 13116
BE1M16ENI Environmental Engineering 2+2s EN Z,ZK Z,L 2,3 5 Mikeš J. Mikeš J. 13116
BE1M16MAS1 Marketing Strategies 2p+2s EN Z,ZK Z,L 2,3 5 Pešek O. Pešek O. 13116
BE1M16DES Power Transport Systems 2p+2s EN Z,ZK Z 2,3 5 Vítek M. Vítek M. 13116
BE1M16JAK Quality management 2p+2s EN Z,ZK Z 2,3 5 Jandera J. Jandera J. 13116
BE1M16STA Statistical methods in economics 2p+2s EN Z,ZK L 2,3 5     13116
BE1M15ETT Electrical Heat 2+2s EN Z,ZK Z,L 3 5 Kyncl J. Kyncl J. 13115
BE1M16CTR1 Controlling 2p+2s EN Z,ZK Z 3 5 Zralý M.   13116
BE1M16EUE1 Economy of Energy Use 2p+2s EN Z,ZK L 3 5 Beranovský J. Beranovský J., Valentová M. 13116

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