Information for new Ph.D. students entering the doctoral study programmes at Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU in Prague - summer semester 2019/2020

February 1, 2020 Commencement, beginning of the study

on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, at 13:00, room T2:D3 - 309 Compulsory informational meeting with the Vice-Dean for Doctoral Study and Science.

From February 1, till February 29, 2020 Enrolment to study. Room T2: A4 - 6 or 11, Office for Research (OVV), office hours:
Mondays, Thursdays 9:00 -11:30 AM, Wednesdays 13:30 -15:30 PM.

Enrolment to study is compulsory for each doctoral student at either full time or part time form of study program. If the doctoral student is unable to attend the registration by the deadline for important reasons he must contact OVV and ask an alternative term. There is a fee of 500 CZK for the registration after deadline without the prior excuse.


Renata Kroutilíková, tel.: 22435 2030, e-mail:, room T2: A4-11

(for Departments 13101, 13102, 13113, 13114, 13115, 13116, 13117, 13131, 13132, 13134, 13137 and 13138)

Ing. Marie Duchoslavová, tel .: 22435 2791, e-mail:, room T2: A4-6

(for Departments 13133, 13135, 13136 and 13139)

Office hours

Commencement, beginning of the study

The study in doctoral programmes begins on September 1, 2019, resp. September 2, 2019. Each doctoral student at either full time or part time form is obliged to contact their supervisor and the Secretariat of the Department this day.

The change of the commencement of the study

The change is only possible with the consent of the dean, which is to be provided on the basis of a written request addressed to him with a recommendation and explanation of the Supervisor and the Head of the Department.

Instructions for the enrolment to study and the commencement of the study:

Enrolment to study: takes place at OVV, at the ground floor, room T2: A4-6 or 11, upon presentation of ID, for foreign students: passport, long-term residence permit for the Czech Republic, health insurance valid for the Czech Republic.

• Present the copy of the diploma and diploma supplement plus original versions for verification at OVV as soon as possible. The diploma issued by foreign institution must be recognized by the Czech authorities, see procedure of recognition.

Information systems at CTU:

- Access to KOS is possible from February 1, 2020 (i.e. February 3rd, 2020 of the commencement of doctoral studies) following the registration at the CTU Computing and information Centre. Here you also will be provided with a new or actualized CTU Student ID Card.

- CTU FEL computer network user instructions are available on /en/education/.

- E-mail account is automatically opened at domain, doctoral student is obliged to check messages sent to the official e-mail address.

- CTU electronic payment system account is automatically opened to payments to accommodation, food services at CTU, Central Library of CTU service fees etc. – please see instructions on

Individual Study Plan (ISP):

- Doctoral student fills in the KOS for the entire study period (4 years for full-time form, 5 years for part time form of study) in cooperation with the Supervisor. They choose at least 4, maximum of 6, compulsory courses (courses code must be entered in the ISP), where minimum of 2 of them are courses teaching in one of the accredited doctoral study programme. Credits for courses which are not taught in one of the accredited branch of study (means maximum of 2 of courses from CTU Master´s degree programme and/or courses taught at another university) approves the chairperson of the board – each of this courses could be valued at most by 4 credits. Doctoral student can choose also optional courses (no credits) and other planned study activities (courses for his pedagogical practice, foreign stay).

- The ISP is valid with the approval of doctoral student, supervisor, the head of the department and the chairperson of the board. Courses entered in the ISP are simultaneously recorded to the actual semester in KOS.

- Only courses from the list and starting with letters/code XP and/or XEP are to be choosen freely; course from other universities may be choosen upon submitting the approved ISP form page 3 to OVV.

- The ISP form is to be submitted by February 29, 2020 (or 30 days after the commencement of the study).

Student status confirmation

Student status confirmation is available at OVV during the office hours or at the websites.

Why do you need it?

- to obtain CTU Student ID Card and access to KOS, ISIC, TZS electronic payment system etc.

- for the CTU Service Facilities Administration (SFA): accommodation and food services; for accommodation at dormitory contact ( – be as quick as possible, the dorms are occupied soon after the beginning of the semester.

Semester assessment

Doctoral students fill out student activities (SH) each study semester in the application, will use the application as soon as it receives information about running the application. The semester assessment is valid with the evaluation of the supervisor, the head of department and the chairperson of the board, the results and proposes credits for pedagogical and research activities and publications, togehter with definite written statement on whether the student is eligible to continue in study or not (negative decision must be clearly explained and justified). All of them are entitled to suggest the termination of the study.

Deadline for submission: February 29, SH and ISP for the winter semester; September 30, SH and ISP forms for the summer semester.

Further information, please see the web pages /en/education/phd/study.html or .

Health Care Insurance

- If you are coming from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland, you need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and upon arrival, you register at the one of the Czech seated health insurance companies. The insurance company will issue an official document which will ensure you to get health service whilst in the Czech Republic for free. Please submit the copy of this document to OVV as soon as possible after the commencement of the study.

- If you are coming from a non-EU country, you are obliged to have and pay health care insurance (except for the holders of a Czech Republic government scholarship). The insurance company will issue a Health Insurance Card which will entitled you to get a health care in the medical facilities in the Czech Republic. Please submit the copy of your Health Insurance Card to OVV as soon as possible after the commencement of the study

For more information see: /en/admissions/health-insurance

Prague, January 13, 2020

doc. Ing. Milan Polívka, Ph.D.
vicedean for Doctoral study and Science


Responsible person: RNDr. Patrik Mottl, Ph.D.