Entering account numbers and contact addresses in KOS

Public Notice of FEE Pedagogical Department no. 12/2012
Ref. No.: 2075/13922/2012/Ši

In accordance with the Regulations for degree programs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Art. 35, para. 4 students are to notify the department of their bank account number with a bank based in the Czech Republic only through direct insertion of the information into the KOS database, not in writing.

In the same way, it is the student‘s duty to provide a contact address for the delivery of hard copies (if different from their permanent address) - see §63 of Act no. 111/1998 (the Higher Education Act). If a student does not report the contact address, i.e. does not insert it into the KOS database, the department will send documents to the permanent address.

Information is updated each year by 31 October, therefore it is essential that the bank account number, as well as the contact address, are inserted into KOS or updated there (note: this also includes masters' students who completed their undergraduate studies at FEE!) according to the following procedure:

After logging onto the web, go to the KOS interface and from the menu choose "Ostatní" (other) to get the form "Osobní údaje" (Personal Data/Information).

In this form only the account number and contact address can be entered or corrected by clicking on "Upravit osobní údaje" (Edit Personal Information).

For contact addresses, the selection of the postcode (zip code), leads to automatic completion of other relevant data (Region, Municipality, Municipality district). Street and number are to be be filled in manually.

To save changes click "Ulož" (Save).


We recommend that the information be carefully checked when entering the account number and delivery address.

Prague 19. 10. 2012

doc. Ing. Ivan Jelínek, CSc., Vice-Dean