Information for students in the first semester of studies, for whom exams from previous FEE studies and other universities were recognized

FEE Study Office Public Notice no. 5/2008

In accordance with Art. 13, paragraph 10, and Art. 15, paragraph 2 of the CTU Study and Examination Regulations (hereinafter SER) students can apply to the dean for recognition of completed stages of study (semester, academic year), or the recognition of individual subjects, as long as no more than five years has elapsed from their fulfillment. The placement of students into a particular part of study (year) is also the responsibility of the dean.

Pursuant to SER Art. 14, paragraph 6, credits for subjects registered and recognized according to SER Art. 13, paragraph 10, are not considered as credits earned in the particular semester or academic year in which they were recognized. They are included in the total sum of credits earned by the student.

Students who have had exams from previous studies recognized, even if these students were placed in a higher year of study, are seen as students in the first semester of the first year of study in any chosen program.

It therefore follows that these students are obliged to achieve for the first semester the minimum number of credits required for the continuation of studies in accordance with SER Art. 14, para. 4, namely:

  • 15 credits for students in a bachelor‘s degree program
  • 20 credits for students in a master‘s degree program

Students who fail to earn the minimum number of credits stated above will have their studies terminated for failure to meet the requirements under § 56, para. 1, point b) of the Higher Education Act, and SER Art. 34, para. 7, point b).

doc. Ing. Ivan Jelínek, CSc., Vice-Dean