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28th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (SPPT) 18.06.2018-21.06.2018
Student Conference on Nuclear Engineering „Šimáně 2018“ 25.06.2018-26.06.2018
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Petr Janout) 25.06.2018
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Rajdi Agalliu) 26.06.2018
PhD thesis defense (Ing. Jan Stiborek) 27.06.2018
PhD thesis defense (Radomír Černoch, MSc.) 27.06.2018
Intensive Practicing of Flying Skills with Drones 27.06.2018
PhD Thesis defense (Ing. Tomáš Haubert) 29.06.2018
eForce: Formula Student Netherlands – international competition 09.07.2018-12.07.2018
eForce: Formula Student East – international competition 18.07.2018-22.07.2018
eForce: Formula Student Czech – international competition 31.07.2018-04.08.2018
Workshop and the 18th International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA 2018) 08.08.2018-17.08.2018
Compulsory informational meeting with the vice-dean for doctoral study and science 04.09.2018