Learning and recreational center Temešvár which is situated on the shore of a lake Orlík in the south Bohemia is available for seminars and courses for students and teachers, holiday language courses, summer workshops and external meetings, but even for individual recreation.


  • 2-5 bed rooms
  • common toilet and shower on the ground floor
  • kitchen
  • common room with TV and fireplace
  • sauna
  • gym
  • volleyball, basketball, baseball playgrounds
  • tennis court
  • table tennis
  • equipment for water sports – windsurfing boards, canoes


Temešvár 12, 397 01 Temešvár



160 CZK per day and bed

Information and reservations:

TPO CTU, Mr. Tomáš Musil, 2 2435 2033, musilt@fel.cvut.cz

Responsible person: Ing. Radka Šmajsová