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Promotional items

Promotional items can be purchased at ground floor of FEL CTU – Copycentrum, T2:C3-56, opening hours Mo-Th 8am-2.30pm, Fr 8am-1.30pm

  Name Price
Gallery pen 15
Travel socket 200
Workbook A5 16
Purse 22
USB memory 2GB 150
Post-IT 18
  Name Price
FEL T-shirt 230
Sportswear T-shirt 380
Men's T-shirt (OI) 260
Women's T-shirt (OI) 260
Men's T-shirt (OI) 260
Women's T-shirt (OI) 260
Sweatshirt 350
Responsible person: prof. Ing. Oldřich Starý, CSc.